BIRD WATCHING At the Isla, we are doing all we can to create a safe haven for the incredible birds of the cloud forest. The Isla touts many bird feeders and a wide variety of birds. We have used the help of many experts to assist us in our planting of the right kind of seeds and fruits to ensure that the species will have adequate food and be visible to you - our visitors. Perhaps the most famous bird of this area is the brightly colored cock of the Rock. This species loves the steep mountain gullies, cliffs, waterfall mist and the lush vegetation. They can easily be seen from our various viewing points and are spectacular.

GEOGRAPHY Isla del Pailón is a reserve of approximately 5 hectares or 12 acres. This is a very unique peninsular reserve has a fairly flat top, extreme cliffs, two major rivers, two large waterfalls and virtually untouched primary rainforest vegetation. The town of Rio Verde has an elevation of 5250’ (1600m) The cliffs then plunge another 390’ (100m) to the Pastaza river below. This is the cloud forest at its best!

PLANTS We have introduced several plants local to the area that provide food for birds and butterflies. The idea is to give the birds a refuge spot while their natural habitat is being encroached upon each day more and more. Plants like the "Morochillo" provide abundant seeds and fruit for the birds. There are other plants also that sere this same purpose. While these trees take time to mature, we have short term alternatives to encourage the birds and other wild life to seek refuge here. Natural to the altitude and climate are Guayabillo trees, guayabas, morochillo, porotones, and others. I'm a huge Bromeliad and orchid fan and we have many varieties of these. Especially on the undisturbed cliffs where only a lone rappelled and truly appreciate the hidden away treasures.

MEDICINAL PLANTS There is a variety of medicinal plants. From various varieties of belladonna to herbs for teas for the treatment of all kinds of ailments. This list is incomplete as of today, but will be developed in time. A sort of “Medicine Man" area exists as one rappels down the cliffs to hidden and isolated ledges and also as one skims over the tree tops full of all kinds of parasitical plant growths and ecosystems within themselves.

BUGS, SHOTS, SNAKES & such Check travel advisory sites, but in general, you are not yet in the jungle and really don't need to concern yourself with jungle-like issues. Although technically there are snakes in this area, you will probably never see one! Anywhere in Ecuador, you do need to drink only safe water and ensure your food is prepared with care.