From within RIO VERDE: Ask anyone for "la Isla" or be sure to stay on the Baños side of the river, find the large soccer field and very close to the goal posts near the old road head down the side street and then follow the Rio Verde downriver to the big stone wall entrance. You'll also see the signs.

From BAÑOS (17 km) From Baños, take the local bus or a "waterfall-tour" bus. Count the tunnels as you go & get off after going through the 4th tunnel. Do not cross over the Rio Verde. Access to La Isla Del Pailón is from the Baños side of the river.

From PUYO (45 km) Take a bus headed for Baños about 45 km up the road km. Go through 2 tunnels only and you are in Rio Verde. Cross over the Rio Verde to the Baños side of the river. Access to La Isla del Pailon is from the Baños side of the river.

From QUITO, CUENCA or GUAYAQUIL (153 km, 291 km, 321 km) Take a bus or vehicle to Baños first, and then follow the directions above. From Quito to Baños; 153 km or about 3 hours, From Guayaquil to Baños; 281 km or about 6 hours, from Cuenca to Baños; 321 km or about 7 hours from Guayaquil.

Are you on a BIRDWATCHING Tour? We have agreements with various jungle based bird watching groups and tour agencies in which you can add La Isla del Pailón to your stopping spots. Many times your tour will take you in a long ride to the amazon basin and not stop here in the cloud forest on your way to see these unique species. You are going to need to stretch your legs anyhow, so ask for this "right on the way" stop. Enjoy the links and some of our partners with the same vision as we have.

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