Is a spectacular nature reserve created to show-off this unique cloud forest paradise. Orchids, bromeliads, clouds, waterfall mist, cock-of-the-rock cliff dwelling birds, “Medicine Man” like trees and tons of birds & small wild life will capture your attention.

• A quiet place to walk – Great views, easy trails, an awesome bridge over the tree tops, places for rest and relaxation, bird watching or just taking in all the plant diversity
• A place for some extreme adventure – Rappelling on the ample cliffs or next to the water fall, kayaking the river, tower or cliff climbing, touching or bathing next to the powerful waterfall and even some cave spelunking

PAILÓN del DIABLO Waterfall The Pailón del Diablo is by far the most spectacular falls along this popular waterfall sight-seeing route. This famous 265’ (80m) cascade translated as "the Devil's Cauldron" makes a thunderous sound & constantly emits high columns of swirling mist. It is reported as being one of the 10 biggest single-drop water falls in Ecuador (based on height & water volume). This very spot was also the backdrop of the 2002 thriller "Proof of Life" staring Meg Ryan & Russell Crow.

Isla del Pailon has several great places to view & experience the falls and even to touch the edge of tremendous force. The recently opened 130’ (40m) suspension bridge at the "Isla del Pailon" has the only full top-to-bottom" frontal view of the falls. Get your wide angle lens ready!

Why the ISLA del PAILÓN? The "Isla del Pailón" Nature Reserve was founded in 1997 after several pristine pieces of land at the junction of the Rio Verde and the Pastaza Rivers were purchased with the intent of preservation. It technically is not an island, just a peninsula. The "Island" nick-name stuck when in 1952 a huge flood descended the Rio Verde with so much force that the river never made the bend, but continued straight and plunged over the 300' cliff directly to the Pastaza river. This temporarily created an Island. The river returned to its old course, but the impression of an inaccessible island never left the minds of the old-timers.